8 very good reasons why you should take CBD edibles

8 very good reasons why you should try CBD edibles

CBD has become a very popular food supplement in the UK and lots of different types of CBD products are entering the market. This means that there are loads of different ways to take CBD. There’s no "right" way to take CBD and the type of product you choose falls down to personal preference.

Whilst the majority of the products available tend to be various forms of CBD tinctures, CBD capsules and CBD-infused vape flavours, there are few alternatives if these methods don't suit you. At Good Soul we wanted to offer an alternative and enjoyable way to consume CBD so we made a premium CBD chocolate edible, combining the benefits of CBD with delicious confectionery. 

Here are 8 very good reasons why you should try CBD edibles.

1. CBD edibles are convenient

When taking CBD chocolate or CBD gummies you simply open, eat and enjoy. This makes them super quick and easy to take whenever needed, such as at work, socialising, driving, or shopping.

Other types of CBD products though can often be a little bit trickier to take. When using CBD tinctures, for example, you have to carefully drop the oil under your tongue using a dropper and hold it in place until it’s absorbed. This can be messy and is often associated with an unpleasant taste. 

2. CBD edibles taste good

As mentioned, there's often an unpleasant taste present with CBD tinctures which can make the experience arduous. A hemp aftertaste also tends to be a common pain point with vape flavours. 

CBD edibles are a great way to avoid this problem because they taste good with no taste of hemp. They can also be used with other tasty products, for example, our dark chocolate balls can be used as decoration on cakes or mixed in with trail mix. 

3. CBD edibles ensure accurate dosing

When you take a CBD gummy or a CBD chocolate you know exactly how much CBD you’re ingesting. This is sometimes much easier than counting drops of CBD oil onto your tongue or guessing how much is in a dose with a CBD spray or vape flavour.

Understanding how much CBD you're taking makes it easy to determine which dose works best for you and gradually increase your intake should you need to. 

4. CBD edibles are great for children

CBD has many great documented health benefits for adults and children but it’s often hard to find a way for children to take CBD that’s enjoyable and easy for them to do so.

CBD oil can be difficult to administer, capsules can be hard to swallow for young children, and smoking isn’t appropriate. So CBD edibles are a safe, tasty and convenient way for kids to take CBD.

5. CBD edibles have a sustained effect

When you take a CBD edible the results aren’t immediate because your body has to digest it. You can expect them to take approximately 30 to 90 minutes to start working.

This results in CBD slowly being released over a longer period of time creating a sustained effect that lasts longer than the effects you might feel from CBD products that kick in immediately. 

6. CBD edibles don’t harm the lungs

When thinking about cannabis, it’s easy to think of smoking as the primary way to take it. This can put some people off because of the negative health impacts smoking has on the body.

Taking CBD edibles is an alternative way of taking CBD that won’t cause any harm to your lungs.

7. CBD edibles are great to share

Everyone loves chocolate and everyone loves the benefits of CBD. so what better way to combine the two than to consume CBD with your friends. CBD chocolate is great to take to social events, parties, and give as a gift. 

8. CBD edibles tick other boxes

CBD edibles don’t just contain CBD. Our CBD chocolate is good for you in other ways too. Dark chocolate is loaded with organic compounds that function as antioxidants. Antioxidants benefit the skin, support a healthy immune system, and can improve mood disorders amongst other things.

CBD edibles can also satisfy any cravings our sweet tooth desires. Instead of reaching for a chocolate bar, CBD chocolate boasts various additional health benefits.

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