Kim Kardashian shows support for CBD with a CBD-themed baby shower

Kim Kardashian shows support for CBD with a CBD-themed baby shower

Kim Kardashian West showed her support for CBD by hosting a CBD-themed baby shower for her expectant 4th child with Kanye West. She’s just one of many high-profile celebrities who is vocal about their CBD use.

Why does Kim Kardashian use CBD?

The overall mood for Kim’s baby shower was calm, relaxation and stress-relief, all of which are things that CBD is known to aid.

Scientific research has indicated that CBD acts as an anxiolytic remedy which reduces anxiety and in turn induces a sense of calmness.

Kim Kardashian has spoken about suffering from anxiety, which was partly triggered by a 2016 robbery where she was held at gunpoint in Paris.

Kim’s health is important to her and she’s well-known for trying new wellness trends for her mind and body.

Some of the previous methods she’s tried include choosing to abstain from drinking alcohol, using Kourtney Kardashian’s breast milk to treat her psoriasis, and using a liquid nitrogen Cryogenic treatment as an alternative to botox.

What was at Kim’s CBD-themed baby shower?

Guests were able to make their own CBD bath salts made from Epsom salt that was infused with 200mg of CBD. Extras could be added on top, such as lavender or rose.

Kim Kardashian CBD-themed baby shower-guests make CBD bath salts with 200mg CBD

Guests were also able to make their own CBD-infused body oils and were encouraged to rub the oils into their skin to promote the compound’s calming effects.

Kim Kardashian CBD-themed baby shower guests make CBD-infused body oils

Footage from the event shows multiple health professionals offering advice on CBD and applying CBD treatments. Two attendees are having CBD topical lotion applied to their feet and one is heard saying “Maria, how do you feel?”, to which Maria replies, “I feel amazing and so calm”.

Another video shows an array of beautiful flowers and hemp plants with Kim explaining that they were for guests to make into flower arrangements.

Kim Kardashian CBD-themed baby shower - guests make flower arrangements

The main activity of the day was a group sound bath meditation session which uses bowls, gongs, chimes, and other instruments to produce sound vibrations. The vibrations are thought to help induce a more relaxed state and make it easier to experience a deeper meditation.

Kim Kardashian CBD-themed baby shower - Kim Kardashian in group session sound bath

Kim addressed her unusual choice to have a fourth baby shower by saying that “I thought it was kinda ridiculous to have a fourth baby shower...but, I thought, I'm freaking the fuck out [about] having a fourth kid”. Kim continued by telling guests to “Zen out for Saturday. So everyone have a puff or put on some oil”.

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